Why Ride on a Rocker Plate for Indoor Training During the Summer?

Tired cyclist leaning on his bike.

Many road cyclists are itching to get back outside as the temperature rises and outdoor conditions improve.  In colder climates there are precious few months to take advantage of the beauty and sensations of riding the open roads, either solo or with others. But as much as we love hitting the open road during the warmer months, there are a lot of reasons and benefits to mixing it up and spending some time riding indoors on a smart bike or trainer and a rocker plate for indoor training.

Riding indoors during the Summer?

You may be asking quite skeptically, "Why on earth would someone choose to ride indoors during the Summer months?" Indoor cycling, particularly with a rocker plate, can offer you a multitude of advantages that can help you level up your training and performance, and may also be necessary even in the height of summer.

Comfort and convenience

First, there is the matter of comfort and convenience. With a rocker plate for indoor training and a smart trainer or smart bike setup, you can get your workout done in the comfort of your own home or garage, without having to worry about traffic, road conditions, pollution from wildfires, or other weather disruptions. Excessive heat or strong winds can be avoided and you can train when it best suits you.

Focusing on cycling technique

Riding indoors with a rocker plate can also help you fine-tune your technique and form. You can train with designated workout programs and drills without having to stop or deal with harsh conditions. Using a rocker plate for indoor training keeps the indoor session more realistic. The dynamic motion of the rocker plate mimics the natural side-to-side and for/aft movement you experience on a real road, helping to stabilize your core and improve your balance. This translates to better pedal strokes, increased efficiency, and reduced risk of injury when you hit the pavement again.

Dialing in your training and expanding your options

In addition, indoor cycling with a rocker plate opens up a whole new world of training possibilities. With some programs like TrainerRoad, you can easily recreate specific road routes, intervals, and climbs, all while tracking your progress and metrics in real-time. And with the option of virtual training platforms like Zwift, you can join group rides, races, and challenges from all over the globe, keeping your motivation high and your competitive spirit engaged.

Disregard foul weather

And let’s not forget about the weather factor. While summer is a beautiful time to ride outdoors, extreme heat, persistent wildfires or sudden storms can put a damper on your plans. By having the option to ride indoors with a rocker plate, you can maintain your training consistency regardless of what's happening outside.

Rocker plate motion mimics outdoor riding feel

So, if you haven’t already considered the benefits of riding indoors with a rocker plate during the good weather seasons, now’s the time to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed! And you will certainly love using it six months from now! If you’re curious to learn more about our full-motion rocker plate for indoor training, be sure to visit https://velocityrockers.com/pages/about-the-velocity-rocker for a complete product description.

No need to choose

This Summer keep the wheels spinning both indoors and out on the open roads – because why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? Keep sight of your summer cycling goals without interruption by taking advantage of the Velocity Rocker rocker plate for indoor training. Happy pedaling and RIDE ON!