Velocity Rocker - A Full-Featured Rocker Plate For Indoor Training

Made In The USA & Made To Last

With smooth side-to-side and fore/aft motion, the Velocity Rocker is a rocker plate for indoor training that takes your indoor cycling to a new level.  With it you experience a much more realistic ride as your bike moves freely underneath you and your connection to the saddle is more like being outdoors. Less friction means less opportunity for sit bone pain and saddle sores.  Subtle fore/aft movement while spinning gives you the sensation of not being locked in place and powerful sprinting and climbing efforts are met with a generous 6.5 inches of fore/aft movement.  This is why a Velocity Rocker rocker plate for indoor training brings you much closer to a true simulation of riding outdoors.

Zwift Insider's Review Of The Velocity Rocker

Eric Schlange of Zwift Insider puts the Velocity Rocker through its paces. See what he has to say about it HERE.

View of cyclist's backside showing saddle sore pain.


The side-to-side rocking motion of a rocker plate allows the saddle to stay under the sit bones. This minimizes the friction otherwise caused by a fixed bicycle trainer and stationary saddle, reducing the likelihood of developing saddle sores.  Additionally, the proper alignment of the ankle, knee, and hip with the side to side movement puts less stress on your joints and can help you achieve a more powerful pedal stroke.

Close up of cracked top tube.


Although rare, anecdotal evidence suggests stresses placed on a bicycle frame from hard efforts on a fixed bicycle trainer may cause frame fatigue leading to structural damage.  This is due to torsional forces absorbed by the frame. These forces are dissipated through the motion of the rocker plate, especially when it has fore/aft movement.

Cyclist riding outdoors courtesy of Tom Wheatley and Unsplash.


In addition to immersing yourself in a virtual cycling environment inside the comfort of your home, having your bicycle move freely underneath you completes the simulated experience. The Velocity Rocker for indoor training helps you to engage your upper body stabilizing muscles and core just as you do when riding outside.

Photo credit: Tom Wheatley/Unsplash

Zwifting on the Velocity Rocker in white space.


What sets the Velocity Rocker apart from the competition?

Moving the Velocity Rocker with attached castor wheels.

Moving the Velocity Rocker with the smart trainer and bicycle attached

Moving the Velocity Rocker with the easy-to-install caster wheels makes cleaning your pain cave or relocating it a breeze (Pain Cave Upgrade Package).  No need to take off your bike which can be a nuisance with a direct-drive smart trainer and a dangling greasy chain.  Then there’s the hassle of removing the trainer just to have to set it up all over again.   See this video and/or read the instructions in the FAQs section for details on how to install and use the caster wheels.

Showing LED illumination of the Velocity Rocker.

Pain cave illumination

When your indoor training session requires the added ambience of a lively setting, turn on your programmable and integrated RGB LED lights (Pain Cave Upgrade Package).  Control them with the downloadable LED lights app. You can sync the lights to your favorite music (see video) and change the color scheme at will.  If connected to Alexa or Google Assistant devices, you can change color schemes mid-ride using voice commands. 

Using the Kickr Climb on the Velocity Rocker.

Compatibility with bicycle trainers, Kickr Climb and front risers

It is highly compatible with most new and old trainers on the market.  If you are unsure if yours will fit or if you have an unusually large bike, feel free to contact us to check for compatibility.  The Wahoo Kickr Climb (see video) works well with the Velocity Rocker as do all front risers.  

Velocity Rocker showing attached support rails

Support rails for enhanced rigidity

We make the Velocity Rocker to last! Each unit is reinforced with L-shaped aluminum support rails. Even though 3/4 inch, 13-layer cabinet grade baltic birch plywood is the best you can use, we want to ensure that the top plate maintains its rigidity for years to come. No other rocker plate provides this feature.

Close up of spirit level installed at the rear end of the Velocity Rocker.

Additional features

A built-in spirit level is installed for easier set up.  Additional protective features such as rubber feet and rubber pads for trainer contact points are included as well.

I’ve already put in about 40 hours on this rocker plate and have been very happy with it. It makes my long indoor rides much more comfortable. I find that I am more engaged and rides are less monotonous. I use a Wahoo Kickr and it integrates smoothly. Leveling to compensate for the Kickr’s flywheel was simple and straightforward. The instructions that came with it is very detailed and Albert is available in case you have questions. The surface has a bit of a rough texture which is great for grip. A pro tip is to also place one or two of the included contact pads underneath the front wheel to prevent the board from scuffing your tire. Another tip is to set it up at least 2 ft from the wall on either side for easy access to the inflatable balls. I like to check the pressure almost every other ride since I put a lot of hours on this. I consider this one of the best investments I made this season. I highly recommend!

Verified Owner - Diego

Outstanding! The minutes, miles and hours rush by compared to being locked in with no movement. Took a couple of attempts to dial in the perfect inflation for the balloons. I found placing a small level where I could see it while riding helped with this. I can’t imagine what significantly more expensive products would add to my experience. I do recommend keeping the front wheel in a block, as opposed to strapping it to the Rocker. The front wheel moved too much for my comfort when I had it strapped in with two straps. With it locked into my triangular Saris wheel block, I enjoy the ride much more. For reference, I am someone who was very comfortable on rollers (two wheels) when I rode them regularly in the past.

I was very impressed with the customer service responsiveness prior to my purchase and the progress updates after I made the purchase.

Albert and his team have built a high quality, very competitively priced product as well as a company with integrity and great customer service.

Verified Owner - Dean H.

Excellent rocker plate; helps me be more comfortable and engage more core while on the bike. Learning curve on how much air to put in the balls but otherwise was a straightforward setup. E-mailed support before purchase since my bike was not listed as supported (Wahoo Kickr Bike) and they said no problem and included special straps to ensure it was tied down correctly.

Verified Owner - Ryan P.

This is a Game Changer!!!! Everyone should be training on Velocity Rocker!!! Wish I had bought one sooner!!!

Verified Owner - Steven R.

UPS delivered a totally trashed box but thankfully it was packaged super well and arrived unscratched. I have a CycleOps H2 which *just* fit on the platform. I had a little trouble getting the platform balanced. Ended up strapping down a 12 lb. dumbbell but finding the right placement was a bit tricky. After that, it’s been heaven. Great ride, love the dual axis movement. We also have a Saris Nfinity rockerplate and my partner is jealous especially given it’s practically half the cost. Really happy with my purchase.

Verified Owner - Teri

I knew at my first experience with Velocity Rockers, that I was dealing with a high quality company. I sent an email asking some questions about the Rocker Plate and I received a fast and very detailed response that prompted me to make the purchase.
After the order was placed, it was shipped almost immediately from California. From the time I placed the order until it was at my front door in Pennsylvania was 6 days, including Christmas day.
The product is awesome. First, it was packaged nicely. VR provided good instructions for setting it up. My first ride was a little tough to get used to, but after I got it properly balanced, then the subsequent rides were just awesome. It provide a lot of fluid motion from side to side and fore/aft. You can increase or decrease the ball pressure to dial in the amount of side motion to your liking. It is smooth and quiet. This unit was a game changer in terms of adding some joy to boring indoor training. It not; only adds some realism, but it makes it more comfortable. I love my VR rocker plate and would highly recommend this product. In addition, it comes at a price that can’t be beat as compared to other companies.
Lastly, the after-sale customer service is top notch. I can’t say enough positive things about this company and product.

Verified Owner - J. Young

Very pleased with this purchase! The fact that it came fully assembled was great- still takes some tuning to get setup, but once I had it dialed in it just became a matter of starting to log (virtual) miles. Considering that I was originally going to try to build one myself- this was way more cost/time effective. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Verified Owner - Jeff H.

This thing is a game changer. I actually thought I was going over hills (I use the Tacx neo2 trainer with Tacx software). I’m able to increase my training mileage dramatically and without pain. Feels REAL, feels comfortable.

I considered building my own, but after adding up the price to do it, I went with velocity. Great value! Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

Verified Owner - L. Peacock

I wasn’t actually in the market for a rocker plate, but came across a product review of the Velocity Rocker on the ZwiftInsider web site, and boy I’m glad I did. This rocker plate has really changed my experience when riding indoors, it has made it much more like riding outdoors where the bike is free to move. This is my fifth year of riding indoors on Zwift, and I was looking for something to help jazz up my rides and workouts, make them more like riding outdoors. I was initially thinking I was going to enjoy being able to move the bike side to side, but it turns out the fore/aft movement is what really makes it realistic. Being able to move the bike forward and back, even just a tiny bit, helps make my pedal stroke more rounded, and has increased my power numbers when climbing in the saddle. The setup was super easy, it took a couple rides to get the side to side air pressure dialed in, but now it feels perfect. I’m also able to ride for longer periods of time, and more times per week, without feeling so stiff in my lower back and pelvis. If you’re looking for a way to make indoor riding more realistic, and actually more fun, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this rocker plate.

Verified Owner - Steve B.