The muscled abs of a man and woman.

How the Velocity Rocker can help you develop a stronger core and manage your weight 

Can cycling alone cause you to achieve chiseled abs? Not likely.
A high quality diet is THE most important factor in creating those fitness model abs. While meeting your caloric needs and proper proportion of macronutrients, keep in mind - "Eat food, mostly plants, not too much."  -Michael Pollan
A strong core also requires dedicated exercises to add strength, stability and muscle. Doing weight-bearing exercise, yoga, pilates or other core exercises a few times a week is a good foundation. So how does cycling increase core strength?
Cycling can be a full body workout utilizing your upper body and core as well as your legs, especially while sprinting and climbing. However, cycling indoors on a motionless (static) bike and trainer can have a negligible effect on developing and maintaining core strength.
Cycling indoors on a rocker plate is good for your core. With the 4-way motion of the Velocity Rocker rocker plate, you are forced to recruit your core muscles and upper body. Because the Velocity Rocker allows you to comfortably ride longer due to greatly reduced saddle/sit bone friction, the amount of time you work your core also increases significantly.
Static trainer = close to nothing unless consciously flexing.
Velocity Rocker = as long as you care to ride.
So while the Velocity Rocker won't, by itself, help your carve those Instagram abs, it can certainly be an important addition to your ab carving regimen!