Cyclist touching saddle sore area.


The benefits of rocker plate motion for comfort and realism

A rocker plate can help alleviate saddle sore pain in a few ways. First, the motion of the plate can reduce the pressure on your sit bones and distribute your weight more evenly across the saddle. This can help prevent discomfort and pain in the sit bone area.
The slight lateral movement of the rocker plate engages your core and stabilizing muscles, which can help reduce the strain on your lower back and hips. This can also help prevent discomfort and pain caused by sitting in one position for an extended period of time.
The natural feeling of the motion on the rocker plate can help reduce the monotony of a stationary bike workout, which can help you stay engaged and motivated during your rides. This can help you ride for longer periods of time without experiencing discomfort or pain.
The Velocity Rocker rocker plate with full-motion (side-to-side & fore/aft) can be a great addition to your stationary bike setup if you're experiencing saddle sore pain or discomfort. It can help make your workouts more comfortable and enjoyable, while also providing a more realistic and natural feeling ride.