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(135 CAD tarif fixe d'expédition au Canada)

(Expédition forfaitaire de 2600 pesos MX au Mexique)

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Une plaque à bascule haut de gamme à utiliser avec les applications pour le cyclisme en salle : ZWIFT, WAHOO SYSTM/RGT, ROUTE DE L'ENTRAÎNEUR, ROUVY, FULGAZ et autres entraînements interactifs pour le cyclisme en salle. Mouvement latéral et avant/arrière pour le confort, la protection et la conduite réaliste du cyclisme en salle.

Vélo et trainer non inclus. Ils sont présentés à titre indicatif seulement.

  • * Important pour les acheteurs canadiens : nous utilisons DHL comme transporteur international. Les frais de douane supplémentaires tels que la TPS, la TVH et/ou la TVP ne sont pas couverts par Velocity Rockers et sont à la charge de l'acheteur. Il n'y a pas de droits de douane car il est fabriqué aux États-Unis. Lié (ICI) est un tableau des taxes TPS/TVP/TVH prélevées par le Canada. Veuillez vérifier auprès du gouvernement canadien et/ou provincial avant l'achat pour confirmer et prendre en compte ces frais supplémentaires. Ils varient de 5 % à 15 % du coût selon le prix en dollars canadiens.
  • *Important pour les acheteurs mexicains : nous utilisons DHL comme transporteur international. Les frais de douane supplémentaires tels que la TVA ne sont pas pris en charge par Velocity Rockers et sont à la charge de l'acheteur. La TVA et les frais peuvent coûter jusqu'à 2600 pesos MX. Il n'y a pas de droits de douane car il est fabriqué aux États-Unis.
  • Fabriqué à partir de contreplaqué de bouleau baltique 13 plis
  • Jusqu'à 15 degrés de mouvement latéral
  • Jusqu'à 6,5 pouces (165 mm) de mouvement avant/arrière
  • Rails de support en aluminium installés sur la face inférieure de la plaque supérieure pour une rigidité et un support à long terme
  • Niveau à bulle intégré pour une installation plus facile
  • Finition protectrice imperméable et anti-transpiration
  • Convient à la plupart des home trainers du marché : Wahoo Kickr, Tacx, Elite, Saris, home trainers à roulettes et plus anciens, le Kickr Climb et tous les élévateurs de roue avant. (L'Elite Rizer nécessitera une modification et des frais supplémentaires. Cela a été fait, alors s'il vous plaît se renseigner )
  • Pieds de protection en caoutchouc pour sols durs (inclus mais non installés)
  • Boule de suspension de rechange, six bandes velcro et une aiguille à air incluses
  • Dimensions : 60 ” L x 34 ″ L (partie la plus large) x 3 -3/4 ″ H, ~ 58 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
David Li
This thing rocks!

I'm glad I spent the extra on this vs. something $300 cheaper that only has the left to right tilting. The back and forth rocking feels nice and I'm sure adds an extra bit of comfort and feel to it. Now I can go all out on Zwift rides for longer with the added comfort and sprint without feeling like I'm about to snap my bike in half (or tip over when I was using balance hedgehogs under my trainer).

What compels me to write this review is the rocker came preassembled with the pain cave lights and packed very well. I was expecting to have to assemble the Velocity Rocker and then add the pain cave LED lights, which would have taken a while. Nope! Velocity had the entire thing assembled with the LED lights on it. All you have to do is inflate the balls, strap your trainer and front wheel to the Velocity Rocker, and little sticky pads on the contact points.

I do recommend getting a pressure gauge either through Velocity or yourself because I did blow up one of the balls from overinflation. Thankfully, Velocity provides you a spare ball.

Craig M
Instantly indispensible

I've had the Velocity Rocker for almost a week. I can't imagine riding without it, it totally transforms indoor cycling. Even though the motion isn't exactly the same as an actual road bike, it makes seated efforts much more comfortable and realistic. The rocking turns FulGaz virtual rides into a MUCH more immersive experience. This is the bike radar of indoor cycling - before you buy it you wonder if it's possibly worth the cost, after the first ride you wonder how you possibly rode without it.

I am using a Wahoo KICKR Bike and am 6'2", and it does not seem like I could tip the Bike/Rocker assembly even if I were trying, stability doesn't seem to be a concern.

The company shipped the product quickly and was very helpful during the order process. Accessories were priced fairly. I recommend the LED option, it is worth the markup to have them installed over ordering and adding LEDs yourself. They look good and make it much harder to accidentally kick the rocker in a dim room.

Shawn Quinn
"Game Changer"

I bought a Velocity Rocker about a month or so ago. I have been training hard for over a year, sometimes over 200 miles a week on the trainer alone. The problem has always been severe saddle soreness after the 2 to 3 hour mark. Most people said I was lucky to be able to ride inside for that long. When I first got the Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo told me a rocker plate was not necessary. Being new to indoor training, figured this was the way to go and I would deal with the discomfort for long indoor rides. Then I saw an advertisement on Facebook for the Velocity. After researching it further, and reading Eric’s review from Zwift Insider, I figured I would give it a try. Well the Velocity is a “Game Changer” for indoor cycling. I have been using it for a few weeks, mostly rides 20-40 miles. It took a week or so to get used to. It is amazing how real like it makes indoor training. This weekend it was cold, windy, and raining like crazy outside so I completed a 5:25hr - 122 mile ride on the trainer and was no more sore after the ride than if I road outside. I usually do not take the time to post reviews of products but I was so amazed at the performance of the Velocity rocker that I felt the need. I can’t believe I had suffered a whole year of intense indoor rides and training without it. I highly recommend it and can say you wont be disappointed. Well worth the cost.

Saving my Ischial Tuberosity One Pedal Stroke at a Time

As an aging triathlete, one needs to get a bit creative as injuries tend to linger much, much longer then they should. I've had a hammy/glute tear & tendinopathy going on 5 years, right at the IT. This makes cycling complicated, as when it flairs up I can't sit comfortably, never mind ride my bikes. And so I bought a Velocity rocker plate with the hopes of it allowing me to train indoors comfortably and without flairing up the injury. I'm happy to report: mission accomplished. The rocker plate is a game changer. It was super easy to set up, and easy to get going on, although as an old(er) person, I felt pretty fearful of me, the plate, the trainer, and my bike all going over, which is an impossibility — it's so stable and safe. I got very comfy being on it by the second ride, and now don't think twice about being on there. Thank you for producing this fantastic product that is allowing me to keep training in the sport I love.


What a great product. I really like how it feels. SO MUCH better than simply being locked into a trainer. You feel a much more natural movement while riding. I think it’s worth every penny I paid.