Close up of Digital Ball Pressure Gauge with card showing its features.

Digital Ball Pressure Gauge (Battery Included)

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Digital ball pressure gauge. Reads as low as 2 psi. Ideal pressure for 5-inch balls is 2 – 4 psi, depending on weight and setup for IRL lean.  Battery included.


  • Digital LCD Display for accurate pressure
  • Calibrated 1-20 PSI, 4 unit scales including PSA, BAR, KPA and KG/CM
  • Air release valve for exact pressure
  • Includes inflating needle and battery


  • Long press for 3 seconds to turn on/off the gauge
  • Short press for 1 second to switch the unit scale
  • Screw the needle into the pressure gauge securely
  • Insert the needle into the ball to check the ball’s pressure
  • If the ball pressure is higher than the recommended pressure (2-4 PSI), please press the release button to reduce the air pressure gauge to the desired level.
  • When desired pressure is achieved, remove the gauge from the ball and press the button for one second to turn it off.